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Deep Trouble is an upcoming episode of the twenty-third series.


Max and Monty's antics on a construction site get them into trouble.





  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Teresa Gallagher as Brenda
  • Tim Whitnall as Oliver
  • David Menkin as Jack
  • Tom Stourton as Alfie
  • Kerry Shale as Max and Harold
  • Rob Rackstraw as Monty
  • Harriet Kershaw as Darcy and Jenny Packard
  • Shane Jacobson as Shane


  • A reference to the first series episode, Down the Mine is made.
  • The fantasy sequence references the myth of being able to tunnel through the center of the Earth to reach Australia.


  • In the aerial shot before Miss Jenny climbs into Max, some of the danger barriers which had previously been knocked over are missing. In the next aerial shot, they have reappeared.
  • Monty's lights are on and he is clean in the fantasy sequence, but outside of it, he is dirty and his lights are off after falling down the mineshaft.
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