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This article features MAJOR spoilers for a recently-released or soon-to-be released product. Caution is advised.

Digs and Discoveries is an upcoming DVD containing episodes from Series 23 of Thomas & Friends.


Thomas travels to Italy, where he’s introduced to the country’s rich, ancient history. While working on the Italian railroad, Thomas meets Stefano the Super Cruiser and runs into his old friend Gina, just in time for her to come to his rescue after his curiosity leads to trouble. Determined to make an amazing discovery, Thomas find himself lost down an old mine where he uncovers the legendary Lost Engine, Lorenzo! Inspired by Lorenzo’s opera singing, Thomas tries to make glorious music too but loses his voice just when he has a very important message to deliver! Join Thomas and his friends for a grande Italian adventure!


  1. All Tracks Lead to Rome
  2. Mines of Mystery
  3. Too Loud, Thomas
  4. Lorenzo's Solo
  5. First Day on Sodor!
  6. Deep Trouble
  7. Out of Site

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