• Diego as Big Bird
  • Boots as Elmo
  • Swiper as Oscar the Grouch
  • Benny as Cookie Monster
  • Map as Grover
  • Backpack as Prairie Dawn
  • The Prince as Count Von Count
  • Dora as Zoe
  • Isa as Rosita
  • The Big Red Chicken as Telly Monster
  • Tico as Snuffy
  • Baby Jaguar as Slimey the Worm
  • Perrito as Barkley
  • Pirate Pig Captain as Benny Rabbit
  • The Grumpy Old Troll as The Big Bad Wolf
  • Pirate Piggies as The Three Little Pigs
  • Boots' Dad as Mr. Johnson
  • Azul as Stinky the Stinkweed
  • Dora's Dad as Humphrey
  • Dora's Mom as Ingrid
  • Abuela as Sherry Netherland
  • Pirate Parrot as Jackman Wolf
  • The Wizzle as Grizzy
  • Baby Blue Bird as Roosevelt Franklin
  • Mami Blue Bird as Roosevelt Franklin's Mother
  • The Bobo Brothers as Joey and Davey Monkey
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