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Create a musical monsterpiece with Elmo and his Sesame Street friends. Play instruments, explore music and dance with Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Count von Count and the honkers as they travel through a music-themed land of wonder!


  • Elmo
  • Abby Cadabby
  • Count Von Count

Game List

The Magical Street

  • "Sweet Street Song" - making music
  • "Grab that Instrument" - instrument identification
  • "Who's Your Honker?" - sound characteristics
  • "Count's Drum Solo" - shape identification
  • "Super Chill Dance" - dancing

The Music Room

  • "Tickle Me Ivories" - making music
  • "Pop Goes the Honker" - tempo
  • "Ring Ring Quack - patterns
  • "Do the Elmo" (Wii version) - physical movement
  • "Catch 'Em Quick" - instrument identification

The Count's Castle

  • "Going Batty" - counting
  • "Bring in the Band" - instrument identification
  • "Rock the Castle" (Nintendo DS version) - making music
  • "Find That Instrument" - instrument families

The Neighborhood

  • "Song Sounds" - making music
  • "Hit it, Elmo!" - simple rhythms
  • "Fly Me to the Tune" - pitch
  • "We Will Honk You" - making music
  • "Shake Your Maracas" - making music


  • In the Instruction Manual for the DS Version, The Count Castle is replaced with The Pond.
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