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Well, it has been quite some time since the last time we have added any new games into the Sesame Street Games category, which is why we are very happy that we get to do so today, when we have prepared for you the game called Elmo's Special Cupcakes, which features the most cute and lovely character in this entire show: Elmo. He really loves cupcakes, especially special ones, which are going to be the focus of the game. Because you must want to know what you have to do in the game, we invite you to read this description to find out! Well, because the next day, Elmo is going to be left with the Nanny, him and his mother decided to do something together, since Elmo is going to miss her really bad. So, they decided to cook up some special cupcakes, for which Elmo always loves to help. Follow the instructions you hear, and cook the special cupcakes. After that, you will continue the story, doing all sorts of interesting things we are sure you do not want to miss out on! Well, that was all we had to say about the game, so we now invite you to play it, and have a really fun time doing so, only on our website!


  • Elmo
  • Elmo's Mommy
  • Dana


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