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The Muppets are back today on our website, because we know that you love to play games from the Sesame Street Games category, where we have been adding more and more great new games to play, Elmo Goes to the Doctor being one of them. Like the title says, Elmo is sick, so he is going to the doctor, which is a journey that you are going to go with him, because it will be a lot easier for him if you go along, and only if you do that will everything turn out just ok. From the next part of the description you will find out what you have to do in the game, so keep reading. Well, you will see what is happening in the story on the bottom of the screen, where you click on the arrow to go to the next phase of the game. You will choose what medical problem Elmo has, meet his friends at the doctor's office, find out what their problem is, go to the doctor's room, get examined, interact with the things there, and many more. The basic thing you will be doing all the time will be to click on the objects all around, interacting with them, following the instructions you get on the bottom of the game screen. Have fun, everyone!


  • Elmo
  • Cookie Monster
  • Grover
  • Baby Bear
  • Ernie
  • Parrie Dawn
  • Elmo's Mommy



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