• Alice (from Alice in Wonderland (1951)) as Sora
  • Wart/Arthur (from The Sword in the Stone (1963)) as Kairi
  • Wendy Darling (from Peter Pan) as Riku
  • Miss Bianca (from The Rescuers) as Donald Duck
  • Sawyer (from Cats Don't Dance) as Goofy
  • Fox (from Skunk Fu!) as The Beast
  • Dark Laser (from The Fairy Oddparents) as Maleficent
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (from Aladdin (TV Series)) as Dragon Maleficent
  • Aladdin (from Aladdin) as Aqua
  • Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Terra
  • Megara (from Hercules) as Ventus
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