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Fernando is a diesel shunter who works in Brazil.


Thomas & Friends

Fernando is first seen at Guanabara Bay when Sir Topham Hatt is looking for Thomas. He tells him that he saw the tank engine taking coffee to San Francisco. He then proceeds to dance along to the music after Topham is dragged away by a group of people taking part in the carnival.

Fernando is seen pulling a train through the docks as Thomas, Raul, Gabriela and Cassia are playing with a beach ball. Raul proceeds to send the ball flying into one of his trucks.

Thomas encounters Fernando when he is delivering machine parts. The diesel compliments Thomas on the sounds that his moving parts are making, saying that he has got a good rhythm going and suggests that he should go to the carnival.


Fernando is very polite and tries to be helpful to anyone he meets. He seems to have a habit of pointing out when someone repeats him, and will say "That's what I just said!" whenever they do so.

Technical Details


Fernando is based on a BR Class 08. Diesel, 'Arry and Bert, Splatter and Dodge, Paxton, Sidney, The Mainland Diesels, the orange and blue shunters and the Diesel Shunter are also based off of this engine.


Fernando is painted aqua and white with aqua straps across the top of his bonnet. He has red wheels, a red headlamp and has black and yellow hazard stripes on his front.


Thomas & Friends


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