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  • Alex Power: Claws
  • Defeat The Foosa
  • Defeat Foosa Boss 1
  • Defeat Foosa Boss 2



Watch the cutscene.Grab the three power cards for your new move.Claws.Press O button to slash them.Use your claws to take out all foosa.They are very easy with the claws.You have to take out 15 of them for a cutscene.


Time for a boss battle.This foosa has a couple of attacks.He will spit out his toxic breath at you.Jump to avoid it.While he rests,attack him with the mangoes There are some on nearby ledges.Keep at it.His vultures will come with bombs loaded to attack you.Just keep jumping and moving to avoid them.Pick up nearby health tikis.His vultures will form a sheild around him.Just keep throwing those mangoes and you will take him out pretty fast.Cutscene.


In this arena,he will summon vultures with bombs to attack you.Avoid them.He will continue spitting his toxic breath at you.Jump over it.He wil personally jump to attack you,jump to avoid him.After spitting his txic breath he will become tired.Use your claws on him at that time.Keep repeating this.This is the only attack which deals him damage.Otherwise his is invincible.Randomly a strange plant will pop up.Eat it and use the super-rowr.This is the only other attack that damages him.Keep at it until you win.Watch the final cutscene.

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