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It's not that the folks at Pixar are geniuses when it comes to DVDs... well, come to think of it, their fifth DVD set shows these folks are wizards. It's not just that the two discs are packed with watchable extras that hardly reiterate the same information; it's how they are handled--funny, inventive, with a light touch--unlike many PR-driven discs. A good place to start is the filmmakers' jolly commentary track, which branches off into 31 minutes of behind-the-scene stuff, deleted scenes, and curious anecdotes (they can also be watched separately). Pixar's first making-of documentary is a most concise and interesting 25-minute examination that also sheds light on how the company works. With a digital-to-digital transfer, the film looks great and is available in widescreen or reformatted to full screen. The "Family Fun" disc includes another Pixar made-for-the-DVD gem, the 7-minute "Exploring the Reef" with Jean-Michel Cousteau (Jacques's son) being upstaged by Dori and Marlin; it's a hoot and teaches a fact or two you will remember about reefs. Both discs feature lovely menus that can be turned into virtual aquariums for your TV (by removing the text) featuring the knockout colors of the film's settings. Watch long enough for some shenanigans from the film's characters and vocal talent. Genius, pure genius. --Doug Thomas

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