• Muno:Hi how are you? Today's my birthday.
  • Foofa:You have to look for clues.
  • Muno:Hey what's this? A gear! Let me go see Plex.
  • Plex:Hmm... Yes! I found our first clue.
  • Muno: Yeah! Remember that was the only one who got the clue what the hell is...
  • (Cricket chirp)
  • Plex:uh... Muno? Foofa just wanted to be disappeared. Aha! A secret door! Nope. Nothing here. Where are you?
  • Foofa: I'm right here! (Wave arm)
  • Plex:(gasping) Foofa!
  • Foofa: Plex! I have a few cuddle. Aw!
  • Muno:Hey what's that? A special cup. This will be for Brobee. Let me go see him c'mon to Brobeeland!
  • Brobee: A stump cup's on this.
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