Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "Franklin Plays the Game"/"Franklin Wants a Pet"Edit

Ep 2.: "Hurry Up Franklin"/"Franklin's Bad Day"Edit

Ep 3.: "Franklin Goes to School"/"Franklin Is Lost"Edit

Ep 4.: "Franklin Has a Sleepover"/"Franklin's Halloween"Edit

Ep 5.: "Franklin Rides a Bike"/"Franklin Is Messy"Edit

Ep 6.: "Franklin Fibs"/"Franklin's Blanket"Edit

Ep 7.: "Franklin Is Bossy"/"Franklin's Fort"Edit

Ep 8.: "Finder's Keepers for Franklin"/"Franklin's New Friend"Edit

Ep 9.: "Franklin's School Play"/"Franklin and the Secret Club"Edit

Ep 10.: "Franklin and the Red Scooter"/"Franklin in the Dark"Edit

Ep 11.: "Franklin and the Tooth Fairy"/"Franklin Takes the Blame"Edit

Ep 12.: "Franklin's Christmas Gift"/"Franklin's Granny"Edit

Ep 13.: "Franklin and the Baby"/"Franklin Goes to Day Camp"Edit

Season 2Edit

Ep 1.: "Franklin's Visitor"/"Franklin's Not-So-Broken Bone"Edit

Ep 2.: "Franklin's Gift"/"Franklin Growing Up Fast"Edit

Ep 3.: "Franklin the Spy"/"Franklin's Library Book"Edit

Ep 4.: "Franklin's Kite"/"Franklin and the Babysitter"Edit

Ep 5.: "Franklin and the Broken Globe"/"Franklin's Valentines"Edit

Ep 6.: "Franklin's Family Treasure"/"Franklin's Music Lessons"Edit

Ep 7.: "Franklin Takes a Trip"/"Franklin's Bicycle Helmet"Edit

Ep 8.: "Franklin's Birthday Party"/"Franklin's Nickname"Edit

Ep 9.: "Franklin and Otter's Visit"/"Franklin's Neighborhood"Edit

Ep 10.: "Franklin Says Sorry"/"Franklin and the Fire"Edit

Ep 11.: "Franklin's Garden"/"Franklin Runs Away"Edit

Ep 12.: "Franklin's Gloomy Day"/"Franklin Tells Time"Edit

Ep 13.: "Franklin's Test"/"Franklin and the Duckling"Edit

Season 3Edit

Ep 1.: "Franklin and His Night Friend"/"Franklin and the Two Henrys"Edit

Ep 2.: "Frankin's Nature Hike"/"Franklin's Starring Role"Edit

Ep 3.: "Franklin's Masterpiece"/"Franklin and the Computer"Edit

Ep 4.: "Franklin the Trooper"/"Franklin's Fossil"Edit

Ep 5.: "Franklin and the Fortune Teller"/"Franklin's Cellar"Edit

Ep 6.: "Franklin Plants a Tree"/"Franklin the Hero"Edit

Ep 7.: "Franklin's Day Off"/"Franklin's Homemade Cookies"Edit

Ep 8.: "Franklin the Fabulous"/"Franklin Camps Out"Edit

Ep 9.: "Franklin and the Puppy"/"Franklin Takes the Bus"Edit

Ep 10.: "Franklin and the Copycat"/"Big Brother Franklin"Edit

Ep 11.: "Franklin and the Grump"/"Franklin's Promise"Edit

Ep 12.: "Franklin and the Thunderstorm"/"Franklin's Maple Syrup"Edit

Ep 13.: "Franklin Helps Out"/"Franklin's Missing Snacks"Edit

Season 4Edit

Ep 1.: "Franklin's Good Deeds"/"Franklin's Submarine"Edit

Ep 2.: "Mr. Fix It Franklin"/"Franklin Has the Hiccups"Edit

Ep 3.: "Franklin Delivers"/"Franklin's Shell Trouble"Edit

Ep 4.: "Franklin's Sailboat"/"Franklin Snoops"Edit

Ep 5.: "Franklin's Father"/"Franklin Plays Hockey"Edit

Ep 6.: "Franklin and the Puppet Play"/"Franklin's Stopwatch"Edit

Ep 7.: "Franklin Meets Ermine"/"Franklin's Funny Business"Edit

Ep 8.: "Franklin and Sam"/"Franklin's Berry Patch"Edit

Ep 9.: "Franklin's Rival"/"Franklin and the Trading Cards"Edit

Ep 10.: "Franklin's Robot"/"Franklin the Detective"Edit

Ep 11.: "Franklin the Fearless"/"Franklin's Lucky Charm"Edit

Ep 12.: "Noggin On Demand Franklin: Seashore VHS 1999"Edit

Ep 13.: "My Franklin"/"Franklin's Mom"Edit

Season 5Edit

Ep 1.: "Franklin Stays Up"/"Franklin's Bargain"Edit

Ep 2.: "Franklin and the Bus Patrol"/"Franklin and Wolvie"Edit

Ep 3.: "Franklin's Pumpkin"/"Franklin's Jug Band"Edit

Ep 4.: "Franklin's Big Game"/"Franklin's Reading Club"Edit

Ep 5.: "Franklin in Two Places"/"Franklin's First Star"Edit

Ep 6.: "Franklin Loses a Book"/"Franklin and Betty"Edit

Ep 7.: "Franklin the Teacher"/"Franklin's Allergy"Edit

Ep 8.: "Franklin's Float"/"Franklin's Party Plans"Edit

Ep 9.: "Gee Whiz Franklin"/"Franklin Can't Wait"Edit

Ep 10.: "Franklin's Spring First"/"Franklin Plays Golf"Edit

Ep 11.: "Franklin's Canoe Trip"/"Franklin's Interview"Edit

Ep 12.: "Franklin's Crystal"/"Franklin's Advice"Edit

Ep 13.: "Franklin's Cookie Question"/"Franklin's Picnic"Edit

Season 6Edit

Ep 1.: "Franklin Itching to Skateboard"/"Franklin Forgives"Edit

Ep 2.: "Hockey Fan Franklin"/"Mother Hen Franklin"Edit

Ep 3.: "Franklin's Badge"/"Franklin Stargazes"Edit

Ep 4.: "Franklin and the Swimming Party"/"Franklin's Soccer Field Folly"Edit

Ep 5.: "Franklin the Weather Turtle"/"Franklin's Dance Lessons"Edit

Ep 6.: "Franklin in Charge"/"Franklin's UFO"Edit

Ep 7.: "Franklin Migrates"/"Franklin the Photographer"Edit

Ep 8.: "Franklin's Word"/"Franklin's Pond Phantom"Edit

Ep 9.: "Franklin the Coach"/"Franklin Plays It Safe"Edit

Ep 10.: "Franklin's Favorite Card"/"Franklin's Expedition"Edit

Ep 11.: "Franklin's Bike-a-Thon"/"Franklin's Candy Caper"Edit

Ep 12.: "Franklin's Go Cart Race"/"Sir Franklin's Squire"Edit

Ep 13.: "Franklin Sees the Big Picture"/"Franklin Figure Skates"Edit

What episodes are these shots from?Edit

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