Cast Edit

  • Toby Thompson (from Shorts) as Fireman Sam
  • Fred as James
  • Judy as Sarah
  • Stacey Thompson (from Shorts) as Penny Morris
  • "Nose" Noseworthy (from Shorts) as Elvis Criddlington
  • Colbert Black (from Shorts) as Trevor Evans
  • Dr. Noseworthy (from Shorts) as Station Officer Steele
  • Chester (from The Fairly OddParents) as Dilys Price
  • AJ (from The Fairly OddParents) as Norman Proce
  • Cindy (from Jimmy Neutron) as Rosa
  • Libby (from Jimmy Neutron) as Bella Lasagme
  • Lug (from Shorts) as Bentley the Robot
  • Loogie (from Shorts) as The Robot Cook
  • Laser (from Shorts) as The Robot Bin
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