Cast Edit

  • Manny as Fred
  • Kelly as Fiona
  • Squeeze as Lucy (from Ready, Dress, Go!)
  • Flicker as Lee (from Ready, Dress, Go!)
  • Dusty as Maddie (from Shape-A-Majigs)
  • Pat as Zeke (from Shape-A-Majigs)
  • Rusty as Petey The Paintbrush
  • Felipe as The Puzzle Kid
  • Turner as Lil Vinnie (from Lil Vinnie’s Art)
  • Stretch as Bonnie Bear
  • Fix-It as Mr. Gramophone (from Bonnie Bear)
  • Fluffy as Tillie (from Tillie Knock Knock)
  • Mr. Lopart as The Ice King (from Adventure Time)
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