• Giggles as Zooter (both are pink)
  • Lumpy as Ellyvan (both are big & blue)
  • Cuddles as Bungo (both are hares)
  • Russell as Taxicrab (both are water creatures)
  • Lammy as Carla
  • Toothy as Crocker (both have large teeth)
  • Petunia as Hippobus
  • Cub as Rosy
  • Mime as Bluey
  • Nutty as Orangey
  • Lifty as Greeny
  • Shifty as Goldie
  • Sniffles as Lance
  • Splendid as Bobby (both are blue and can fly)
  • Handy as Dozer
  • Flaky as Miss Jolly
  • Flippy as Toadhog
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