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*Flippy as The Backson
*Flippy as The Backson
*Mime as Gopher
*Mime as Gopher
*Lifty and Shifty as Stan and Heff
*Lifty as Stan
*Shifty as Heff
[[Category:Happy Tree Friends Parodies]]
[[Category:Winnie the Pooh Parodies]]

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  • Cuddles as Pooh
  • Toothy as Piglet
  • Nutty as Tigger
  • Handy as Rabbit
  • Sniffles as Eeyore
  • Splendid as Owl
  • Petunia as Kanga
  • Cub as Roo
  • Lumpy as Christopher Robin
  • Giggles as Kessie
  • Flippy as The Backson
  • Mime as Gopher
  • Lifty as Stan
  • Shifty as Heff
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