This sound effect can be found on The Super Single Volume 1, which was made by The Hollywood Edge. It is a low quality version of Sound Ideas, BOINK, CARTOON - BOINK 01.


  • First recorded: Mid 1950s
  • Creator: TBA
  • Owner: Hanna-Barbera (1957-2001), The Hollywood Edge (1991-2014), Sound Ideas (2014-present)
  • Origin: United States
  • Year debut: Mid 1950s
  • First heard: Any Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the mid-1950s.
  • Area used: Worldwide

Originally a Hanna-Barbera effect, this sound effect eventually made its way to other studios like Disney and Warner Bros. Today, it is commonly used in more than a thousand pieces of media. It was made from a jews harp.

In 1991, The Hollywood Edge added this sound effect to The Super Single Volume 1. In 2014, 20 years later, after the bankruptcy of The Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas took over to acquire it.

Sound Effect Description

Cartoon Boink And Horn 1

Clean, Full Length and Unedited Link to the Sound Effect


Used In

TV Shows

TV Specials


Video Games



PlayStation 2:

PlayStation 3:

  • J-Stars Victory VS (Heard once during Taro Yamada's introduction.)

Sega CD:

Super Nintendo:

  • Ren and Stimpy: Veediots! (High Pitched)

Nintendo Wii:

Nintendo Switch:

Xbox One:

Kids WB:

  • Run Jerry Run

Theme Parks

Magic Kingdom:

  • Disney Mania (1991) (Theme Parks)



  • Cartoon Network Studios Logo: Chowder



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YouTube Videos


Image Gallery

See Hollywoodedge, Cartoon Boink Horn 1 SS016401/Image Gallery

Audio Samples

File:Hollywoodedge, Cartoon Boink Horn 1 SS016401.ogg

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