That toy looks like a truck to Elmo, put that toy with the trucks

That's a toy animal, put that with the other animals

Super Why is a great show but just a heads up on this particular episode there is a crying baby character that always made my son cry as well.

The second opening is a marvel heroes micro racer zerboz. It came with a tank that looks like it had the punisher symbol on it.

The third opening is a skylanders giants surprise egg. It came with stickers, jelly beans, badge.

The fourth opening is a monsters university egg. It came with with a mike wazoski sticker and keychain, and candy.

The fifth opening is a cars egg. Cars is a movie by disney pixar. It came with candy, lightning mcqueen sticker, a yoyo with sally on it.

The sixth opening is a toy story surprise egg. Toy story is a movie by disney pixar. It came with a Jesse sticker, toy story keychain and a cookie.

The seventh opening is a super mario sweets and surprises egg. It came with a donkey kong sticker, candy and a game with mario on it.

The eighth opening is disney surprise egg. It came with candy, stickers and a Donald duck figure.

The ninth opening is a legend of zelda gatcha ball. It came with a figure.

The tenth opening is a thomas and friends take-n-play egg. It came with stanley.

The eleventh opening is a thomas and friends super surprise egg. It came with either annie or clarabel. I am not sure. It also came with candy and stickers.

The twelfth opening came with an angry birds egg. It came with angry birds stickers and candy.

Taken from Elmo's World: Doctors. In the film, Joe goes to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor checks his heart, his lungs, his ears, his eyes, his throat, his mouth and his knees. She gives him a shot. It hurts but only for a second. I had a shot during my checkup and I cried. But the doctor gave me a bandage to make my shot feel better. I love this film.

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