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This sound effect can be found on [[Cartoon Trax Volume 1]], which was made by The Hollywood Edge.
==Sound Effect Description==
Funny Short, Rapid Hits with Small Squeaks, ( Could Be Running Footsteps ) .
==Clean, Full Length and Unedited Link to the Sound Effect==
[!details?id=11489161 SourceAudio]
==Used In==
===TV Shows===
* [[Bill Nye, the Science Guy]]
* [[Courage The Cowardly Dog]] (low-pitched)
* [[Ed, Edd n' Eddy]]
* [[Teen Titans]]
* [[Thomas & Friends]] (Heard once in "Henry and the Elephant.")
* [[Tom and Jerry]]
* [[Space Jam (1996)]]
* [[Disney Cartoons]]
* [[The Mousochist (2001) (Shorts)]] (low-pitched)
===Video Games===
* Mr. Potato Head: Create and Play
* Mrs. Potato Head: Create and Play
* [[Mario Teaches Typing 2]] (low-pitched)
===Web Originals===
* [[RWBY Chibi]]
===YouTube Videos===
* [[The Best Pals Hand Movie (2018)]]
* [[Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo]]
* [[How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.]]
* [[Kirby: Right Back at Ya!]] (First used in Episode 1.)
* [[The Law of Ueki]] (Heard in "The Law of the Third Round".)
* [[PaRappa the Rapper: The Animation]]
* [[Touhou: The Memories of Phantasm]]
==Image Gallery==
[[Hollywoodedge, Short Rapid Hits Wsm CRT020401/Image Gallery]]
==Audio Samples==
[[File:Hollywoodedge, Short Rapid Hits Wsm CRT020401.ogg]]

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