Celebrities in the song

9 volt as Ray Parker jr

Numbuh 1, dib membrane, danny phantom and el Tigre as The stars of the film

Brandy Harrington (brandy and mr whiskers) as Cindy Harrell

Kid chorus (Histeria!) as Chevy Chase

Henry and June (Kablam!) as Irene Cara

Rocko (rocko’s modern life) as John Candy

Jenny wakeman (my life as a teenage robot) as Melissa Gilbert

Ernie (Sesame Street) as Ollie E. Brown (ernie squeaks his rubber duckie to exclaim Ghostbusters!" Along with him)

Stimpy (ren And stimpy) Jeffrey Tambor

Peter Griffin (family guy) as George Wendt

Lazlo (camp lazlo) as Al Franken

Homer Simpson (the simpsons) as Danny DeVito

Oblina (aaahhh! Real monsters) as Carly Simon

Bloo (foster’s home for imaginary friends) as Peter Falk

Animated Lizzie McGuire as Teri Garr

remember, all of whom exclaim the song's "Ghostbusters!” Also, Grunke stan appears after animated McGuire, but chokes on a cigarette when he tries to exclaim "Ghostbusters!"

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