• Scrat as Nemo
  • Timothy (from Timothy Goes to School) as Marlin
  • Ellie as Dory
  • Timothy’s Dad (from Timothy Goes to School) as Gill 
  • Claude (from Timothy Goes To School) as Bloat
  • Timothy’s Mom (from Timothy Goes To School) as Peach
  • Panda (from Skunk Fu!) as Ted
  • The Numbertaker (from Numberjacks) as The Anglerfish
  • Rosie as Deb
  • Peaches as Flo
  • Eddie as Jacques
  • Squidward (from SpongeBob) as Bubbles
  • Duck (from TTTE) as Gurgle
  • Crash as Nigel
  • Runar as Crush
  • Roshan as Squirt
  • Manny as Mr. Ray
  • Frank#1 (from Timothy Goes To School) as Sheldon
  • Frank#2 (from Timothy Goes To School) as Tad
  • Yoko (from Timothy Goes to School) as Pearl
  • Dwayne LaFontant (from Over the Hedge) as Dr. Phillip Sherman
  • Gladys Sharp (from Over the Hedge) as Barbara
  • Mr. Krabs (from SpongeBob) as Dentist
  • Pearl Krabs (from SpongeBob) as Darla
  • Octopi (from Penguins of Madagascar) as The Jellyfish Forest
  • Diesel Busters (from Go!Animate) as Bruce
  • Strong Bad (from Homestar Runner) as Anchor
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