One day a hungry robin saw an inchworm, green as a emerald siting on a twig. He was about to gobble him up.

"Don't eat me. I am an inchworm. I am useful. I measure things." "Is that so!" said the robin. "Then measure my tail!"

"That's easy." said the inchworm. "One two three four five inches"

"Just think," said the robin. "my tail is five inches long." and with the inchworm, he flew to where other birds needed to be measured.

The inchworm measured the neck of the flamingo.

He measured the toucan's beak the legs of the heron the tail of the pheasant and the whole hummingbird.

One morning the nightingale met the inchworm "measure my song." said the nightingale "but how can i do that? I measure things, not songs." "Measure my song or I'll eat you for breakfast." said the nightingale. then the inchworm had an idea. "I'll try," he said. "Go ahead and sing."

The nightingale sang and the inchworm measured away. he measured and measured inch by inch until he inched out of sight.

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