Justine Clarke I Like To Sing! 7th Music Video is It's Starting To Rain


  • Look (Thunder rumbling) Look at those Clouds. It's starting to rain. It's raining Mmm...
  • Justine Clarke (singing): It's starting to rain There's a drip and a drop and a splish and a splosh Over and over again Rain's starting to fall It starts so soft You can hardly hear it at all Here comes the Rain Like a thousand drummers drumming on a window pane It thunders down and splashes around and swishes all over the ground Plants and little creatures Waiting for the rain to arrive Now it's falling down around us
  • Everything's Coming alive [x2]
  • All: Ahhhh, Ahh, Ahh [x3]
  • Justine Clarke (singing): It's starting to fall All the flowers open up and the Birds start to call [whistles] That beautiful rain Every cloud has a silver lining Everything's Gonna turn out fine and it won't be long before the sun starts shining again... Here comes the Rain [whistles] Come on and play in the rain "Put your gumboots on" A-splash! A-splash! A-splashin' in the puddles A-splash! A-splash! A-splashin in the puddles in the rain [Justine she's whistling and dance perform children dancing in the rain with too many colourful umbrellas]


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