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James & the Red Balloon and Other Thomas Adventures is a US VHS/DVD featuring 6 6th series episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and 1 song. It was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2003 and Lionsgate in 2009.


2003 VHS/DVD, 2009 DVD:

PEEP! PEEP! Summer on the Island of Sodor means the engines will be very busy and must do their best to be Really Useful to keep Sir Topham Hatt's railway running smoothly. For James, this means rescuing a hot air balloon that is about to make an unexpected station stop. Find out how this splendid red engine can keep a balloon afloat all by himself. See how Donald and Duncan learn that being cross with each other leads to big trouble and watch how RustyElizabethRheneas and Skarloey learn what amazing things 4 friends can do when they get on track and work together. So get ready to hop on board and enjoy summer with Thomas and his friends.


  1. James and the Red Balloon
  2. Salty's Secret
  3. Middle Engine
  4. Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
  5. Buffer Bother
  6. The World's Strongest Engine
  7. Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
  8. Scaredy Engines
  9. The Fogman
  10. Rusty Saves the Day
  11. Harold and the Flying Horse
  12. The Runaway Elephant
  13. The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop
  14. Trusty Rusty


Bonus features

  • Sodor Superstars Hall of Fame
  • James' connect the Dots Fun "game"
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Word Fun "game"
  • Which Island Picture is Different? "game"
  • Web Fun


  • In addition, this is the first release to have original music along with Michael Brandon's narration.
  • Edward the Very Useful Engine is referred to as such in the Episode Selection and the title card when it appears onscreen, but it is referred to as Edward the Really Useful Engine on the back cover.
  • Some DVD releases, for a limited time, came with a CD containing the following songs:
  1. James the Really Splendid Engine
  2. Thomas' Anthem
  3. Gone Fishing
  4. Accidents Will Happen

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