Cast Edit

  • Kirby and Keeby as Ernie and Bert
  • Sir Ebrum as Gordon
  • Lady Like as Susan
  • Tiff as Maria
  • Tuff as Telly Monster
  • Tokkori as Elmo
  • Knuckle Joe as Cookie Monster
  • Princess Rona as The Queen of Trash
  • Meta Knight as The Grouch Cop
  • Galacta Knight as The Grouch Officer
  • Waddle Dees as The Grouches
  • King Dedede as Huxley
  • Magolor as Oscar
  • Stuckweed as Waddle Doo
  • Sirica as Zoe
  • Ribbon as Rosita
  • Adeleine as Prairie Dawn
  • Buto as Big Bird
  • Iroo as Grover
  • Chef Kawasaki Count Von Count
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