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  • Kissyfur as Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Toot as Will Turner
  • Donna as Elizabeth Swann
  • Ralph as James Norrington
  • Gus as Governor Weatherby Swan
  • Uncle Shelby as Mr. Gibbs
  • Howie as Cotton
  • Charles as Marty
  • Floyd as Captain Barbossa
  • Crystal Snail (from Mega Man X) as Pintel
  • Burn Dinorex (from Mega Man X) as Ragetti
  • Koopalings (from Mario) as The Black Pearl Crew
  • Sigma (from Mega Man X) as Davy Jones
  • Mavericks (from Mega Man X) as The Flying Dutchman Crew
  • Beehonie as Angelica
  • Walter Wolf (from Animaniacs) as Blackbeard
  • Animaniacs Villains as The Queen Anne's Revenge Crew