Lalaloopsy/Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Cast lists Edit

Version 1 (by Jennifer Doll) Edit

  • Jewel Sparkles As Daniel Tiger
  • Spot Splatter Splash As Katerina
  • Mitten Fluff n Stuff As O The Owl
  • Bea Spells A Lot As Miss Elaina
  • Dot Starlight as Prince Wednesday
  • Pillow As Chrissie
  • Peanut Big Top As Teacher Harriet
  • Blossom Flowerpot as Mom Tiger
  • Tippy As Dad Tiger
  • Mango Tiki Wiki As Doctor Anna
  • Prairie Dusty Trails As Prince Tuesday
  • Ace as X The Owl
  • Forest as King Friday
  • Goldie as Henrietta

Version 2 Edit

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