Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises as Doc McStuffins

Pillow Featherbed as Lambie

Ace Fender Bender as Stuffy

Bea Spells-a-Lot as Hallie

Forest Evergreen as Chilly

Matey Anchors as Squeakers

Pete R. Canfly as Donny McStuffins

Jewel Sparkles as Dr. McStuffins

Wacky Hatter as Mr. McStuffins

Misty Mysterious as Emmie

Curls 'N' Locks as Alma

Patch Treasurechest as Luca

Sir Battlescarred as Henry

Dot Starlight as Aroura

Tippy Tumblelina as Bella

Crumbs Sugar Cookie as Anna

Mango Tiki Wiki as Bubble Monkey

Peanut Big Top as Gabby

Yuki Kimono as Kiko

Marina Anchors as Lula

Coral Sea Shells as Melinda the Mermaid

Harmony B. Sharp as Millie Microphone

Berry Jars 'N' Jam as Moo Moo

Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff as Penny Possum

Bundles Snuggle Stuff as Pip

Twisty Tumblelina as Flip

Scribbles Splash as Trip

Cotton Hoppalong as Pickles the Bunny

Dyna Might as Rescue Rhonda

Sand E. Starfish as Surfer Girl

Suzette La Sweet as Susie Sunshine

April Sunsplash as Xyla

and many more...

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