Cast listsEdit

Version 1 (by Jennifer Doll)Edit

  • Jewel As Pinky 
  • Bea As Tyler
  • Mittens As Mr Guinea pig
  • Crumbs As Bobby
  • Spot As Dafenee
  • Dot As Mommy Dinky Doo
  • Pillow As Daddy Dinky Doo
  • Penut Big top As Burpzilla
  • Bundles Specs And squirt As Three Cupcake Aliens
  • Bloosem As the Piece Of Popcorn
  • Tippy As Pedro The penguin
  • Sprinkles Spice Cookie As Kitten wearing Mittens
  • Patch As the Magican
  • Coral Sea Shells As Vicki Chicken
  • Forest As Pink Gorrila
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