• Marion and the dinosaurs 
  • Millie and the volcano
  • Samson sent from scrap
  • Samson at your service
  • Emily saves the world
  • Timothy and the rainbow car
  • Thomas's Shortcut
  • Away from the sea
  • No more Mr nice engine 
  • The smelly Kipper 
  • The afternoon tea express 
  • Gone Fishing 
  • Jewel Sparkles un-birthday party 
  • Mittens fluff and stuff a snow day 
  • peanut big top Learns to ride the unicycle 
  • Bea and the pet talent show 
  • Pillow Featherbed up all night. 
  • the search for pillow the movie 

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Mr. Perkins storytime: Trucks and Edward and Gordon! 
  • Mr. Perkins postcards: Blue Mountain Quarry, and Shunting Yards!
  • calling all engines: Stephen, Rosie, Diesel, and Cattlin.
  • The Earl's Quiz: Thomas and the runaway kite, Kevin's Cranky Friend, Up Up and Away, and Not Now Charlie. 
  • Who's that Engine?: Hiro, and Gordon. 
  • Sing Along Song
  • Bish bash bosh game 
  • Go Go Thomas Music Video 
  • Guest Who Puzzles. Porter, Harvey, James, Marion, Samson, 
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