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Series 22 onwardsEdit


Series 22 versionEdit

Series 22Edit

Number One EngineEdit

Forever and EverEdit

Confusion Without DelayEdit

Trusty TrunkyEdit

What Rebecca DoesEdit

Thomas Goes to BollywoodEdit

Thomas in the WildEdit

Thomas and the Monkey PalaceEdit

An Engine of Many ColoursEdit

Outback ThomasEdit

School of DuckEdit

Tiger TroubleEdit

Seeing is BelievingEdit

Apology ImpossibleEdit

The Water WheelEdit

Samson and the FireworksEdit

Runaway TruckEdit

Thomas' Animal ArkEdit

Cyclone ThomasEdit

Kangaroo ChristmasEdit

Thomas and the DragonEdit

Rosie is RedEdit

The Case of the Puzzling PartsEdit

Banjo and the BushfireEdit

Counting on NiaEdit

Hunt the TruckEdit

Series 23Edit

The Other Big EngineEdit

Grudge MatchEdit

Crowning AroundEdit

Thomas Makes a MistakeEdit


Gordon Gets the GigglesEdit

Laid Back ShaneEdit

Chucklesome TrucksEdit

Wish You Were HereEdit

Diesel Glows AwayEdit

Free the RoadsEdit

Heart of GoldEdit

Panicky PercyEdit

Diesel Do RightEdit

Out of SiteEdit

First Day on Sodor!Edit

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