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Dot to Dot

Guess the Engine

Which Whistle Suits Thomas


Steamies and Diesels Sounds

Being Blue

How Does Emily Get to the Station?

Percy Pulls Out of the Station

Toby is Surprised to see...

Surprise Destination

Thomas Trundles Out of the Station

Thomas and the Mast

Being on Time

Thomas and Percy Play Hide and Seek

Truck Trouble

Which Way Should Thomas and Emily Go?


Sharing Trucks

The Children Wait For Gordon

What Thomas Needs to do in the Winter

Helping One Another

What Makes Percy Feel Better?

Henry Huffs Out of the Station

Getting There

Edward Helps Emily Up Gordon's Hill

Painting James

How Does Thomas Get to the Timber Yards?

Diesel Engines and Steam Engines are Different

Banana Tricks

Which Engine for Which Job?

Which Way Should Thomas Go?

Thomas Looks for Mavis

Which Diesel Engine with Which Steam Engine?

Which Things are the Same?

Who's Under the Coal Dust?

Same Colour

Thomas and the Shape Bridge

Getting to the Washdown

Emily Respects

Which Load for Which Party?

Which Load to Which Station?

What Route Should Thomas Take?

Changing Sounds

What's New at the Station?

Getting to Bluff's Cove

Seeing in the Dark

Percy in the Dark

What is Thomas Thinking Of?

Which Load for Which Route?

What Makes Thomas Happy?

Which Engine for Which Job?

Job Destinations

Where Can Neville Find Salty?