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Let's Dream is a song from the twenty-second series dedicated to the characters' fantasy sequences.


We could fly to the moon
Dive under the sea
Travel to places that we've never been
Make friends with a tiger
Who knows how to sing
Together we can
Do a million fun things
Let's go, let's dream
Come along with me
The big world is calling
All aboard for a fantasy
The world's full of wonder
There's so much we can be
Thanks to imagination and curiosity
We could be in a movie
Where we save the day
We could speed through the ocean
On the sun's yellow rays
We could ride a roller coaster
And laugh all the way
Together we can
Do a million great things
So much to learn
So much to see!
So much to do!
So much to be!


Footage Used


  • This is the first CGI music video since On a Journey Today to use footage from episodes in only one series.
  • In the ending credits for Batucada the song is referred to as A World of Wonder, which may have been a working title.
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