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Today we are revisiting the Sesame Street Games category once again, since this category has a lot to offer, so we are trying to bring new games to it each day, in order to make the category more diverse, and as fun as possible. The game that you will be playing right now is called Letters to Big Bird, and it is a game in which, together with Big Bird, you are going to learn about letters, something which all children should know about. Have no worries, because we are going to explain the gameplay right here, so you will know what you have to do in the game! Big Bird is going to give you a letter, for example, A, and is going to tell you that there is a certain number of items on the shelves that start with that letters. Your job is to indentify what these items are, and click on them when you do. When you have found all, you will get to the next letter, and so forth. The game is a great experience, since it teaches you about letters, which all children should know, in order to read. Begin this game right now, and see how fun it is to play for yourself!


  • Big Bird

Play Together

Count the number of things in the game that begin with the same letter. Then, ask your child to think of other words that begin with that letter.


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