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Season 1

Ep 1.: "The Treasure Hunt"/"The Best Way to Play"

Ep 2.: "Just a Baby"/"The Camp Out"

Ep 3.: "The Dollar"/"The Choice"

Ep 4.: "Monty's Roar"/"Natural Root Pals"

Ep 5.: "Guppies"/"The Magic Quilt"

Ep 6.: "The Meanest Thing to Say"/"Lavatory Story"

Ep 7.: "The Zoo"/"My Pet Elephant"

Ep 8.: "Chicken Pox"/"Shipwreck Saturday"

Ep 9.: "Big Kid"/"The Bills Go To Work"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Little Bill's Adventure with Captain Brainstorm"

Ep 2.: "Elephant on the Loose"/"If a Bird Rings, Answer It"

Ep 3.: "Zoopity Zoo"/"Neighborhood Park"

Ep 4.: "The Promise"/"The Practice"

Ep 5.: "Are We There Yet?"/"Super Family Fun Land!"

Ep 6.: "The Ring Bear"/"Miss Murray's Wedding"

Ep 7.: "The Birthday Present"/"The Birthday Party"

Ep 8.: "A Trip to the Hospital"/"The Wrong Thing to Do"

Ep 9.: "Making Mother's Day"/"Picture Perfect"

Ep 10.: "Rolling Along"/"The Stage Trick"

Ep 11.: "The Snack Helper"/"Buds"

Ep 12.: "Copy Cat"/"Picture Day"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Monty Joins the Class"/"Dad Goes to School"

Ep 2.: "The Violin Lessons"/"Squirmy"

Ep 3.: "Monty Visits"/"Mom's Trip"

Ep 4.: "The No-Talking Contest"/"The Search Is For the Sock"

Ep 5.: "The Halloween Costume"/"The Haunted Halloween Party"

Ep 6.: "Merry Christmas Little Bill"

Ep 7.: "A Day at the Beach"/"The Get Well Song"

Ep 8.: "Michael Sleeps Over"/"Michael's First Snow"

Ep 9.: "Wabbit Worries"/"Wabbit Babies"

Ep 10.: "Ready, Set, Read!"/"I Got a Letter"

Ep 11.: "Number One on Honeywood Street"/"Baseball Glovers"

Ep 12.: "Little Bill's Giant Space Adventure"

Season 4

Ep 1.: "Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star"/"All Together Now"

Ep 2.: "When Friends Get Mad"/"The Party Box"

Ep 3.: "New Neighbors"/"Doggie Magic"

Ep 4.: "The Early Bill"/"Going Camping"

Ep 5.: "The Car Keys"/"Doggie Sitting"

Ep 6.: "The New Babysitter"/"My Friend Isabel"

Ep 7.: "New Foods"/"Elephant Tricks"

Ep 8.: "What About Me?"/"Happy Not Birthday To You"

Ep 9.: "The Best Book Ever!"/"A Ramp for Monty"

Ep 10.: "Echo Falls"/"Going Fishing"

Ep 11.: "The Surprise!"/"Good ol' Lightnin'"

Ep 12.: "Racing Time"/"All Tied Up"

Ep 13.: "Summertime in the Wintertime"/"Snowracers"

Ep 14.: "The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill"/"The Big Swings"

Ep 15.: "The Musical Instrument"/"Mr. Moth"

Ep 16.: "I Can Sign"/"The Sign for Friend"

Ep 17.: "The Skating Lesson"/"The Choir"

Ep 18.: "Get Well, Elephant"/"Elephant's Best Friend"

Ep 19.: "Private Time"/"Never"

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