• Alex as Flik
  • Gloria as Atta
  • Melman as Cornelius
  • Marty as Mr. Soil
  • Stefano as P.T. Flea
  • Gill (from Finding Nemo) as Francis
  • Gurgle (from Finding Nemo) as Slim
  • Bubbles (from Finding Nemo) as Heimlich
  • Bloat (from Finding Nemo) as Dim
  • Jacques (from Finding Nemo) as Manny
  • Deb (from Finding Nemo) as Gypsy
  • Peach (from Finding Nemo) as Rosie
  • Timon and Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as Tuck and Roll
  • Makunga as Hopper
  • Top Cat (from Yogi Bear) as Thorny (both begins with T)
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