• Marty as Mater
  • Alex as Lightning McQueen 
  • Skipper as Finn McMissile  
  • Okapi Girl as Holley Shiftwell  
  • Moto Moto as Francesco Bernoulli  
  • Rat King as Sir Miles Axlerod
  • Dr. Blowhole as Professor Zundapp  
  • Savio as Grem 
  • Barry as Acer
  • Stefano as Rod Redline 
  • Gia as Sally Carrera  
  • Rico and Private as Luigi and Guido 
  • King Julien as Sheriff  
  • Burt as Mack 
  • Max as Fillmore 
  • Maurice as Sarge 
  • Melman as Ramone 
  • Gloria as Flo  
  • Marlene as Lizzie 
  • Manu and Maya as Van and Minny 
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