• Alex as Splendid
  • Marty as Pop
  • Melman as Lumpy
  • Gia as Petunia
  • Gloria as Giggles
  • Moto Moto as Cuddles
  • King Julien as Disco Bear
  • Mort as Nutty
  • Sonya as Flaky
  • Fossas as Numberous Flippies In Epic Battle
  • Teetsi as Buddhist Monkey
  • Stephen the Giraffe as Toothy
  • Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private as 4 Tiger Bomb Masters
  • Vitaly as Russell
  • Florrie as Lammy
  • Young Giraffe as Mr. Pickels
  • Stefano as Mime
  • Maurice as Sniffles
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