• Alex as Woody 
  • Marty as Buzz Lightyear  
  • Vitaly as Mr. Potato Head 
  • Skipper as Slinky 
  • Melman as Rex
  • King Julien as Hamm
  • Gia as Bo Peep 
  • Classified as Sarge  
  • Eva, Short Fuse and Corporal as Sarge's Soldiers 
  • Elmer as Buster  
  • Gloria as Jessie  
  • Stefano as Bullseye  
  • Dr. Blowhole as Stinky Pete 
  • Max as Wheezy 
  • Kowalski Private and Rico as Squeeze Toy Alien Trio 
  • Rat King as Evil Emperor Zurg 
  • Burt as Utility Belt Buzz  
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