• Alex as Woody 
  • Marty as Buzz Lightyear  
  • Gloria as Jessie
  • Vitaly as Mr. Potato Head 
  • Skipper as Slinky 
  • Melman as Rex
  • King Julien as Hamm
  • Stefano as Bullseye
  • Kowalski Rico and Private as Squeeze Toy Alien Trio 
  • Makunga as Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear  
  • Clover as Barbie 
  • Maurice as Ken  
  • Eggy as Big Baby 
  • Clemson as Twitch 
  • Rhonda as Stretch 
  • Barry as Chunk 
  • Savio as Sparks 
  • Moto Moto as Chatter Telephone  
  • Antonio as Bookworm  
  • Mason and Phil as Cymbal-Banging Monkey  
  • Buck Rockgut as Chuckles 
  • Kitka as Trixie 
  • Fred as Mr. Pricklepants 
  • Marlene as Dolly 
  • Roger as Buttercup 
  • Ramona, Bradley and Samuel as Peas-in-a-Pod
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