Crate Drop

  • Watch the Flashing Crates.
  • Drag the Crates in the Correct Order. Match the Colors and Symbols.

Crate Wall

  • Watch the Flashing Crates.
  • Tap the Crates in the Correct Order.

Crate Path

  • Count the Arrows on the Crate. Notice the Direction of the Arrows.
  • Tap the Next Crate as Indicated by the Number of Arrows.

Log Swing

  • Press B to Jump Toward a Log.
  • Press Y to Grab Onto a Log.
  • Watch Your Timing when Jumping from Log to Log.

Pole Hop

  • Press B to Jump Onto a Pole
  • Use the Control Panel to center the balance meter
  • Watch your balance while on the poles.
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