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  • Launch into crazy kart action including high flying jumps, flips, rolls and stunts. Earn special rewards for crazy maneuvers.
  • Play as your favorite Madagascar characters: Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, the wacky King Julien and the crafty penguins, plus unlock bonus DreamWorks characters Shrek and B.O.B.
  • Tear across over 20 wild tracks based on your favorite movie scenes including the plane wreck, the New York City Zoo and the volcano, with bonus tracks unlockable from within the game.
  • Scramble for power-ups including: power boosts, mines, missiles and more all capturing the personality of the Madagascar movies.
  • Enjoy 2-4 racer support in head-to-head multiplayer with your friends via a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.


  • There are a few differences between the DS and the Wii:
    • The Wii Version includes to view the badges you earned and visit the gallery of over 22000 mangoes to collect all the pictures (included a video)
    • The DS Version has a hat of fruit from the Madagascar Escape 2 Africa that will not give your abilities to pass the other fruit
    • The Wii Version gives you 200cc and a mirrored track while the DS version give you the karts going the other way in "Shipping Freighter", "King of New York", "Shark Beach", "Watering Hole", and "Fossa Rocks".
    • The Wii Version gives you two more tracks which are "Shrek's Swamp" and "Monsters vs. Aliens: Mothership"