• Mario as Pooh
  • Yoshi as Piglet
  • Chunky Kong as Tigger 
  • Donkey Kong as Eeyore
  • Princess Peach as Kanga 
  • Oogtar as Rabbit 
  • Toad as Owl
  • Luigi as Christopher Robin 
  • Goombas as Bees
  • Baby Mario as Lumpy 
  • Baby Luigi as Roo
  • Birdo as Darby 
  • Toadsworth as The Narrator  
  • Diddy Kong as Dexter 
  • Pauline as Kessie
  • Wario as Stan
  • Waluigi as Heff
  • Ludwig Von Koopa as Nasty Jack
  • Bowser as Wooster
  • King Boo as The Backson
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