Cast Edit

  • Lewis as Thomas
  • Uncle Fritz as Edward
  • Uncle Joe as Henry
  • Uncle Art as Gordon
  • Uncle Gaston as James
  • Goob as Percy
  • Grandpa Bud as Toby
  • Wilbur as Duck
  • Cousin Lazzlo as Oliver
  • Bowler Hat Guy as Diesel
  • Spike and Dimitri as Bill and Ben
  • Aunt Petunia as Daisy
  • Aunt Billie as Mavis
  • Franny as Emily
  • Buster as Bertie
  • Frankie as Skarloey
  • Stanley as Sir Sandel
  • Doris as Diesel 10
  • Mr. Willerstein as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Lucille Krunklehorn as Lady Hatt
  • Michael Yoobain as George
  • Coach Gym as Murdoch
  • InventCo CEO as Spencer
  • Mildred as Molly
  • Cousin Talullah as Rosie
  • Young Franny as Madge
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