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The newest game with Backyardigans is here on and in this game probably you will learn how to train you're memory because you have to memorize a lot of objects, things that are from ocean. In Mermaid Garden Matching you have to make some pairs with these things that Uniqua and his friend Tasha have, so be very careful at all these objects, try to memorize them and in this way try to make a much pairs as you can underwater. The Mermaid Garden Matching game will improve you're memory by playing this game, because you have to search, to open each conch shell to see that object is there, then try to find exactly the same object under other shell as fast as you can to help you're friends from Backyardigans. Depending about how fast you move and many objects you're paired you can increase in the top of player, winning the bonus points for the fastest and the best player. In the game you will found objects like cowboy hat, boots cowboy fork, pearl violet, blue shorts, orange bucket, shovel, Ghelari, spoon, scarf.

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