Mickey and the Roadster Racers

Season 1

Ep 1.: "Mickey's Wild Tire"/"Sittin' Kitty"

Ep 2.: "Goofy Gas"/"Little Big Ape"

Ep 3.: "Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon"/"Roaming Around Rome"

Ep 4.: "Mickey's Perfecto Day"/"Running of the Roadsters"

Ep 5.: "Agent Double-O-Goof"/"Egg-xasperating"

Ep 6.: "It's Wiki Wiki Tiki"/"Happy Hula Helpers!"

Ep 7.: "Ye Olde Royal Heist"/"Tea Time Trouble!"

Ep 8.: "Abra-ka-Goof!"/"Happy Birthday Helpers!"

Ep 9.: "Guru Goofy"/"Breakfast and Bungled!"

Ep 10.: "Going Upppppppppp!"/"Gone Fishin'!"

Ep 11.: "Goof Luck Charm"/"Teed Off!"

Ep 12.: "The Impossible Race"/"The Happiest Helpers Cruise!"

Ep 13.: "Smarty Goof"/"Adventures in Buddysitting!"

Ep 14.: "Daredevil Goofy!"/"The Big Broadcast"

Ep 15.: "The Haunted Hot Rod"/"Pete's Ghostly Gala"

Ep 16.: "Stop That Heist!"/"Lights, Camera, HELP!"

Ep 17.: "Mouse Vs. Machine!"/"Grandpa Beagle's Day Out"

Ep 18.: "Donald's Garage"/Artful Helpers"

Ep 19.: "Ready, Get Pet... Go Pluto!"/"Figaro's New Friend!"

Ep 20.: "Garage Alone"/"Camp Happy Helpers"

Ep 21.: "Billy Beagle's Tip-Top Garage"/"Diner Dog Rescue"

Ep 22.: "Pit Stop and Go"/"Alarm on the Farm"

Ep 23.: "Happy Hot Diggity Dog Holiday!"/"Happy Holiday Helpers!"

Ep 24.: "Hot Dog Daze Afternoon"/"Super Sweet Helpers"

Ep 25.: "The Grand Food Truck Rally"/"Cuckoo La-La"

Ep 26.: "Rockin' Roadsters"/"Safari, So Goody"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "The Biggest Heist Ever"/"Thrillin' Hilda"

Ep 2.: "Stop Lazlo!"/"The Hot Diggity Dog Show"

Ep 3.: "Donald's Stinky Day"/"The Hiking Honeybees"

Ep 4.: "Racing Rivals"/"The Hapless Helpers"

Ep 5.: "The Goofy Race!"/"Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks!"

Ep 6.: "The Roadsterettes!"/"Oh Happy Day"

Ep 7.: "Phantom of the Café/"Cuckoo in Paris"

Ep 8.: "Super-Charged!"/"Super-Charged: Mickey's Monster Rally"

Ep 9.: "Super-Charged: Pop Star Helpers"/"The Chip 'N Dale 500"

Ep 10.: "Mickey’s Ukulele Jam"/"Grandpa vs. Grandpa"

Ep 11.: "Goof Mansion"/"A Doozy Night of Mystery"

Ep 12.: "Daisy's Photo Finish!"/"Super-Charged: Daisy's Grande Goal"

Ep 13.: "Pluto and the Pup"/"Trouble at Floochi's!"

Ep 14.: "Goofy's Drive-In"/"The Iron Mouse"

Ep 15.: "Mickey's Big Surprise"/"Meet the Beagles!"

Ep 16.: "Snow-Go With the Flow"/"Happy Helpers on Ice!"

Ep 17.: "Ski Trippin'!"/"My Fair Pete"

Ep 18.: "Super-Charged: The Big Cheesy"/"Shenannygans!"

Ep 19.: "You Quack Me Up"/"Tree House Trouble"

Ep 20.: "Mickey’s Spring Grand Prix"/"My Little Daisy"

Ep 21.: "Mickey’s Fun-tastical Field Day"/"Clarabelle on the Mooo-ve!"

Ep 22.: "Super-Charged: Donald's Roadster Round-Up"/"The Daisy Dance!"

Ep 23.: "Super-Charged: Two Close Friends"/"Mr. Bigby's Big Night"

Ep 24.: "Goof Quest"/"Llama Drama"

Ep 25.: "Hi, Jinx!"/"Pete's Junkyard Helpers"

Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Mickey's Mixed-Up Motor Lab"/"Wishy Washy Helpers"

Ep 2.: "One Unicorny Day!"/"The Happy Horse Helpers!"

Ep 3.: "Animal Antics"/"Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!"

Ep 4.: "Mickey's Monstrous Truck!"/"Minnie's Vacation Home!"

Ep 5.: "Mixed-Up for a Day!"/"Princess Clarabelle!"

Ep 6.: "A Gollywood Wedding!"/"No Dilly Dally in New Delhi!"

Ep 7.: "Mickey’s Thanksgiving Family Fun Race!"/"Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!"

Ep 8.: "Caution: Kids at Work!"/"The Snoozy Doozy Pet and Breakfast!"

Ep 9.: "Where's Mickey?"/"Cuckoo in Hot Dog Hills!"

Ep 10.: "Campy Camper Day"/"Founder's Day Flounder"

Ep 11.: "Goofasaur!"/"Teahouse Helpers"

Ep 12.: "Papa Pluto"/"Happy Valentine Helpers"

Ep 13.: "Old McMickey Had a Farm"/"Happy Lab Helpers"

Ep 14.: "Petey O'Pete"/"Daisy Does It!"

Ep 15.: "Mickey's New Mouse House"/"Millie and Melody's Sleepover!"

Ep 16.: "Snow Angels"/"Switch Bodies!"

Outro: Dance Song

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