Cast Edit

brandy Harrington (brandy and mr whiskers) as sophie

Brad (my life as a teenage robot) as Stephen

Sheldon (my life as a teenage robot) as finley

skeens (from recess) as anshar

Corey (grojband) as declan

Laney (grojband) as albertine

Cody (suite life on deck) as Sam

london (suite life of Zack and cody) as davina

Kim (class of 3000) as lily mae

numbuh 5 (codename kids next door) as Britney

People of greenhorne Edit

Rocko (rocko’s Modern life) as carefree guide Elliot

Madison (from class of 3000) as cheery granny Ashley

tuck (from my life as a teenage robot) as cheeky child liam

XJ9 (from my life as a teenage robot) as worried mother Lara

Gary And Mary (from the muppets) as lovey dovey couple Ian and homie

Bear (from bear in the big blue house) Sarcastic guy Hayden

kid chorus (from histeria) as the castle guards

people of neksdor Edit

spongebob as rambling man George

henry (kablam) as shady merchant father matthew

june (kablam) as shady merchant daughter holly

blythe Baxter And josh sharp (littlest pet shop) as prickly pair Omar and patrice

Lizzie McGuire as dancing guide Isabella

realm of the fey Edit

the chipmunks as fab fairies fans Edward, jack and Bradley

The chipettes as youngest fab fairy Abbie, eldest fab fairy Courtney and middle fan fairy anushka

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