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Milkshake Muddle is a US DVD containing six ninth seasonepisodes. It was released in the UK and Latin America under the name On Track for Adventure. It was released in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Danish under the name Proud and Brave containing seven ninth season episodes. It is retitled Adventure On the Tracks for the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian releases. It was released under the title Thomas and Friends - Volume 6 for Spanish audiences. The South African release features three episodes. It was released under the title, Thomas and the New Contraptionfor Czech audiences.



Get on board for more adventures with Thomas AND meet the newest engines, Mighty Mac and Neville! Ride along as they encounter new trucks, an old mine and an ice cream factory and see how they muddle their way through six thrilling episodes! Here you meet Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends again. You might have seen Thomas before? He loves to pull all kinds of freight. The only thing he doesn't like, is fish. Work and lots of fun await on the tracks on the Island of Sodor this time.


  1. Thomas' New Trucks *
  2. Duncan and the Old Mine *
  3. Thomas' Milkshake Muddle **
  4. Mighty Mac *
  5. Toby Feels Left Out *
  6. Thomas and the New Engine **
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