Cast Edit

  • Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) as Young Simba
  • Angel (from Lilo & Stitch) as Young Nala
  • Maui as Adult Simba
  • Moana Waialiki as Adult Nala
  • Gurgle (from Finding Nemo) as Timon
  • Bloat (from Finding Nemo) as Pumbaa
  • Tui as Mufasa
  • Sina as Sarabi
  • Tamatoa as Scar
  • Manny (with Sid and Diego as Extras) (from Ice Age) as Rafiki
  • RJ (with Verne and Hammy as Extras) (from Over the Hedge) as Zazu
  • Rosita (from Sing) as Sarafina
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