Moose: Zee and I are home and as you can see, we're both ready for some quailty time in dreamland.

Moose: Well, almost ready. Say, What's your doing there Zee? 

(Zee Blinking)

Moose: The Alphabet? Of course we can practice the alphabet

Moose: but since today is almost over, it will had to wait until tomorrow,

Moose: Oh, you want to count? 

(Zee shake his head yes.) 

Moose: Tommorrow? 

(Zee shake his head yes.) 

Moose: Count on it. Of course  tommorrow, we'll actually see our old noggin pals again. but, that will had to wait till tommorow. You see, today is almost concluded, Clearly could fun, practically completed in other words just about over. It's time to get it bed, put out the lights and say goodnight, goodnight. Now would be a good time to get up and see what mom's doing while you're at it see what the cats up to. Shh. 

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